Off Road TrailersRooikat 409 Off-Road Trailer

The Rooikat 409 Off-Road Trailer has space for an optional kitchen, gas cylinders and survival tools.

The Rooikat 409 undergoes the same rigorous testing on all types of terrain and environmental conditions to unsure a rock solid 4×4 off-road trailer.

Customisation can be done to the trailer to ensure all your requirements are met and to make your outdoor adventure a pleasure.


Chassis: 409 stainless steel
Dimensions of box: 1200mm(W) x 600mm(H) x 1800mm(L)
Braked axle: 1.8 ton braked axle
Brakes: Suitable braked coupler
Wheels: 3x15" rims with suitable tyres
Shocks: Heavy duty shocks
Doors: Doors have suitable container type locking gear and hinges (stainless steel)
Doors inside: All doors inside are clad with .6mm 304 S/Steel
Lights: Truck lights (LED type)
Spare wheel: Spare wheel carrier

Kitchen Unit

  • Stainless steel work top
  • Single plate cast iron gas stove mounted
  • 1 x Alu kettle
  • 4 x Melamine steak plates
  • 4 x Melamine side plates
  • 4 x Melamine mugs
  • 6 x Cutlery set
  • 4 x Stainless steel insulated mugs
  • 4 x Stainless steel tumbler glasses
  • 4 x Stainless steel wine goblets
  • 2 Piece stainless steel cooking set
  • 4 x piece cutlery set
  • 2 x lock to lock plastic containers

Electrical System

  • Distribution box with the following components: 220/250-earth leakage, Circuit breakers (different amperages), 220/250 Volt 15 amp 3-point sockets, Small 12-volt bradharrison plug for fridge, Battery monitor
  • CTEK XS 25000 25 amp Battery charger
  • External 220/250 volt socket with 12-meter 2.5mm 3 core lead with plugs and adaptor
  • Small external bradharrison plugs with s/steel covers (2 Female Hella Plugs 1 Red - Solar panel)
  • 3 National Luna yellow lights with switch
  • 220/250 Volt 15 amp 3-point socket in kitchen unit
  • 16mm Cable (for vehicle charging) with large bradharrison plug
  • 50 Amp 12 volt fuse holder with spare fuse
  • 2 Deep cycle 102 amp batteries
  • All electrical points has its own wiring protected by suitable sheathing to the distribution box

Optional Extras

  • Nose Cone
  • Fuel can Holders 409 stainless steel
  • Roof Rack 409 stainless steel
  • Removable stabilizer legs x2
  • 100 Liter 1.2mm 304 stainless steel water tank
  • 50 Liter 1.2 mm 304 stainless steel water tank
  • 1 x Drawer right side rear- large door (clothing)
  • 1 x Rear slide floor (can accommodate 4 ammo boxes)
  • National Luna Aluminium 40 lt Rounded fridge/freezer with mounting plate
  • Fridge sliding gear suitable for 40 liter
  • National Luna Aluminium 74 lt double door fridge/freezer with mounting plate
  • Fridge sliding gear suitable for 74 liter
  • Customized tent to suit trailer by Cristy Sports Cape Town
  • Interior lights
  • Solar panels 90watt with mounting, back plate, plugs and 10 meter cable
  • Extension lights with bradharrison plug
  • DC / AC Dual Power Module
  • Nosecone roof rack
  • Alumium fold up table mounted to roofrack